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Owning your own home is a universal dream

In many ways, this dream is more accessible today than ever before. However, one of the first realizations a prospective home buyer often comes to is that the "dream home" does not always seem affordable. Buying a home has changed in the New Millennium. Before, buyers usually shopped for the best house they could find, then "took out" a loan to pay for it. Today, prospective buyers must shop as thoroughly for the best financing as they do for the best house.

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About HomeLife

No One Treats You Like The HomeLife Real Estate Agents

Making its real estate debut in 1985, HomeLife is one of the world's leading real estate franchisors with hundreds of affiliates and thousands of sales representatives serving the real estate needs of consumers and businesses alike. HomeLife has businesses in a variety of countries worldwide, including Canada, The U.S.A., Panama, UAE, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and China. Presently, HomeLife continues to expand in a new city, in a new country. At the core of HomeLife's remarkable success is the company pledge of Higher Standards. Instilled in each and every one of our Higher Standards Sales Representatives, HomeLife's pledge is a unique commitment to professional conduct and is equivalent to excellence in customer service. That pledge, along with a strong dedication to community involvement, assures clients that they are dealing with ethical, knowledgeable and caring sales representatives. What differentiates us from our competitors, is our Higher Standards Five Star Marketing System TM..

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Why Buy With Us?

There Are Many Good Reasons To Buy Your Own Home

Financial Advantages

Buying a home is a wise decision because property is one of the best and most secure investments available. Rarely, if ever, does real estate decrease in value. Depending on the area in which you live, buying a home may boast significant advantages over renting. Equity is another consideration. The equity you build as your home appreciates in value will allow you to borrow for expenses like a new car or college tuition. Your home's equity is also the ideal down payment on the purchase of a second home or an "escape property" or vacation residence.

Emotional Advantages

Buying a home also has several emotional advantages. The independence of ownership means that you'll no longer have to worry about rent increases and the demands of a landlord. Another advantage is a homeowner's power to personalize! When you own your own home, you can paint and decorate as much as you want. It's your place!

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Do You Need A Sales Representative?

An Important Question Before You Start Looking

Many potential homebuyers may wonder, do I really need a sales representative? The answer is clear: Yes! A committed and professional sales representative will make the complex process of purchasing a home both simple and painless. A good sales representative should:

  • know the real estate market
  • show updated knowledge in finance and banking sectors
  • know what is negotiable in a contract and what is not

An experienced real estate company will understand the complexities and importance of:

  • property title
  • related taxes
  • survey
  • zoning and building laws
  • insurance

Buyer Representation Agreement

A written contract called a Buyer Representation Agreement establishes "Buyer Agency". It explains services the company will provide, establishes a fee arrangement for the company's services and specifies what obligations a buyer may have. The buyer's sales representative works for the buyer and is legally obligated to look after their best interests throughout the entire real estate transaction. This sales representative owes full fiduciary responsibilities, duties and loyalty to the real estate buyer.

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Why Choose A HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative?

HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representatives Know Your Community

Living and working in your area, we are in an ideal position to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We are knowledgeable of area market conditions, including prices and availability. Additionally, HomeLife Higher Standards sales representatives have access to the latest financing methods, helping to ease the stress of buying.

HomeLife Higher Standards sales representatives also understand the many legal complexities of buying, including titles, taxes and surveys. HomeLife Higher Standards sales representatives know what is negotiable in a contract, helping you secure the best possible terms on the home's purchase.

How do HomeLife Higher Standards sales representatives know as much as they do? Knowledge and Experience. Continuous training at HomeLife University ensures that our team develops the Higher Standards of knowledge needed to satisfy our clients. Experience makes HomeLife Higher Standards sales representatives experts in their field, as they make more real estate transactions in a few months than most of us will make in a lifetime.

It is also comforting to know that the performance of your HomeLife sales representative will be fully accessible. In fact, each HomeLife Higher Standards sales representative gives you their personal "Pledge of Availability", which states that they will be available when and where you need them, including evenings and weekends.

The Power Of MLS

Through their association with HomeLife offices, our Higher Standards sales representatives have access to resources not readily available to the public. One such resource is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), an electronic real estate database. The MLS offers much more information about a home then one could find anywhere else, including utilities and real estate taxes. The MLS also contains the recent sale prices of homes in a specific area or neighbourhood. This information will help you determine the true value of any home you may be interested in. The MLS is updated in real time, meaning that your HomeLife Higher Standards sales representative has access to homes the minute they're listed. Best of all, The MLS includes many houses never promoted for sale by a lawn sign or advertised in a newspaper, giving you access to homes you may never have considered otherwise.

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HomeLife's Five Criteria For Buying

When Looking For A Home, You Should Seek Out:

  •  A home that fits your needs and which you will love
  •  A suitable location
  •  The best possible terms of the sale - purchase contract
  •  The best possible price
  •  The best combination of all the above.

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