HomeLife was and is an innovator in marketing concepts, which are inexpensive, but very efficient. Both agents and brokers can feel the power of a commercial and of an eceptional promotion. Let's start a journey in the world of proper and professional marketing! And there is more to see in HomeLife.

We can show you some examples of marketing programs in which you can take part. Join us and we will show you "our secret weapons."

HomeLife is one of the most innovative real estate promoters in the world. For more than 25 years the quality of our printed work has helped obtain a perfect interaction between top sales agents and property owners or buyers. We offer a great opportunity for the right candidate. Every year, HomeLife serves worldwide communities, based on a constantly expansion. Our experience and goals have made HomeLife one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the real estate industry.

#In addition to the printed publications, HomeLife is a true pioneer on the Internet. We introduced the Internet raffle to generate real estate transactions leads. Today,, as well as other online services of our group are a vital part of the marketing programs we offer to our partners.

As a HomeLife franchisee, you will receive marketing materials and trademarks to use as advertising and promotion solutions for real estate agents and brokers, as well as for other providers within the real estate industry. The billion dollars industry considers our products to be important and convincing. The successful franchisee is competitive, professional and has the ability to follow our proven successful system. Success also means "a solid future" with corresponding financial rewards.

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With hundreds of existing marketing elements and proven results, we are one of the companies included in the "Higher Standards" category, that will help you launch your business and will also give value for every penny invested in promotional activities. Many brokers know the design cost of a single marketing piece, but what about hundreds of pieces? These packages are already ready, you only have to use them!

#Our marketing mascot for the entertainment and recreation area, Jerome the Gnome, is an essential component for a better integration of our successful image in the community. His personality attracts clients and their families with a delicate approach, with his involvement in charitable activities in hospitals, orphanages, schools etc. Costumes may be available on demand on the basis of prior appointments.

Children and families will remember Jerome with pleasure for a long time. This unique feature makes it so successful.

Jerome coloring contest is a simple image on a sheet of paper which you can create and distribute for a penny per piece. If you have access to a computer and a printer, you have no reason to miss its promotion in schools, orphanages and other local charitable organizations in the area in which you work. Promotion and prospecting, unprecedented in our industry today! Start to generate sources of information now!



Our promise for your success on the market: Buyer's Guide, Seller's Guide and Proposals for Transactions presented in an attractive form for a price cheaper than your printer consumables! HomeLife has developed marketing tools which you have to see to believe. Any agent with any budget can provide professional services. This is the advantage offered by HomeLife. Do not miss the chance to promote your image better than the one you have now, with first class materials, provided only by us.

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